The Ground Level, Inc. was started on November 30, 2010 when two investors decided to make a weekend hobby at the flea market a full-fledged manufacturing business.

The Ground Level, Inc. is a textile manufacturer that produces child care items such as cot sheets, crib sheets, blankets, cot covers and other items related to sustaining child care center services. Our product line evolves based upon customer demands. We produce quality products at a competitive price. 

Our products are engineered to deliver the best value and durability. We go far beyond just providing on-time, quality products to our customers. We partner with our customer to drive out excess operational costs from your pockets. We strive to attract customers that are:

  • tired of paying too much for a lesser quality products
  • have few choices from marketplace
  • fed up with unfriendly customer service
  • and are seeking better quality products
The goal of The Ground Level, Inc. is to provide  both quality customer service and products to improve our customers’ bottom line. 



"Our customers are our focus. Therefore, the quality of our products must exceed their expectations and last them long enough to save them money. When you wash our sheets, you don’t  have to worry about shrinkage and deterioration."  Founder- The Ground Level Inc.