Quality sleep and rest are some of the most important things for your baby. So we know how important quality sheets are for you and your baby. The Infant Crib Fitted Sheet 38 x 28" is a versatile and quality crib sheet that you and every baby will love time and time again.

Comfortable and Reliable

Whether it's a nursery, preschool, or daycare, babies will love our durable and thick Crib Fitted Sheet in multiple settings. The 3/4 inch triple-stitch elastic will keep every baby feeling snug and secure during their rest time.

Comfort is key. Our Infant Crib Sheets are thick and soft. Babies will feel oh-so-comfy and cozy. And you'll know they're getting better rest, too,

Our Infant Crib Sheet's unique durability prevents the buildup of fuzz, tears, and damage. You don't need to go through piles of infant bedding. And you won't have to! Little ones will feel great and you'll worry less. 

A Variety of Fun Colors!

The choice is up to you! Our sheets come in seven fun, exciting, and bright colors! Babies and adults alike will love the dazzling, fresh colors we offer.

Don't worry. We know that with adorable little ones, you expect the unexpected. That's why we designed our Infant Crib Sheets to look great after every single wash. The Infant Crib Sheet is machine-washable and designed to retain its marvelous color. Those colors you and babies love will stay looking great. 

Quality That You and Your Baby Will Love

Our Infant Crib Sheet is the perfect value. And if you choose to buy in bulk, you'll save even more!

We know how important quality rest is for every baby. With our Infant Crib Fitted Sheet, every baby will feel comfortable, refreshed, and ready to take on the world!


50/50 Cotton Polyester Infant Crib Fitted Sheet 38 x 28”, Thick Fabric & Long-Lasting Ideal for Nurseries, Preschools and Daycares

Incredible Fit -  ¾ inch triple-stitched strong elastic pulls easily over crib for a snug fit, making precious little ones secure

Durability -  Lasts for repeated washings without fuzz, tears or discoloration resulting in extended use while preserving the finished appearance

Comfortable - Thick soft fabric in a variety of pleasing colors to fit almost any setting

Additional Information: 

Weight: .34 lbs. Material: Cotton and Polyester, Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash Cold Delicate, Tumble Dry Low, Wash Before First Use, Package Quantity: 1, Made in the USA


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