Snuggle your little ones into a cozy, secure nap with this cot sheet from The Ground Level Inc. The Ground Level’s toddler cot sheet is durably, comfortably made from a high quality blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This means tough weight support without sacrificing comfort for toddlers.

The sturdy cot sheet for toddlers from The Ground Level is built to last. The brand integrates 1.5” binding all the way around each sheet, instead of a weaker surging design, and tough 3/4” braided elastic reinforces all four corners of each cot sheet. This elastic has been sewn right into the binding for maximum security and longevity.

The Ground Level also adds 8 bar tacked stitches into each end of the elastic for an additional layer of long-term protection. All of this is manufactured right inside the USA too. The Ground Level’s toddler cot sheet is not just tough, it’s also light, cozy, snug and comfortable for your toddler’s nap time in any setting.

The key benefits of The Ground Level’s durable cot sheet include:

Versatility: 50/50 cotton polyester blend of fabrics for maximum toughness and comfort combined together. Ideal for home-use, preschools, nurseries and daycares.

Major endurance: the blend of fabric, materials, and manufacture in The Ground Level cot sheets means they resist wear and avoid fuzz, tears or color fade even after many washings.

Maximum comfort: This toddler cot sheet is made from thick, snug fabric in a range of soothing colors to make sure children can have a nap comfortably in any childcare setting.

If you’re looking for a cot sheet that lets you set up a useful, secure rest area for your little children quickly and easily, the toddler cot sheet from The Ground Level offers a robust and versatile choice that will last a long time.



50/50 Cotton Polyester Toddler Cot Sheet 40 x 21”, Thick Fabric & Long-Lasting Ideal for Nurseries, Preschools and Daycares

Incredible Fit - ¾ inch triple-stitched strong elastic pulls easily over cot for a snug fit, making precious little ones secure

Durability - Lasts for repeated washings without fuzz, tears or discoloration resulting in extended use while preserving the finished appearance

ComfortableThick soft fabric in a variety of pleasing colors to fit almost any setting

Additional Information:  

Weight: .15lbs., Material: Cotton and Polyester Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash Cold Delicate, Tumble dry low, Wash Before First Use  Package Quantity: 1, Made in the USA


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Customer Reviews

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ayesha elamin
Very durable.

Our cot and crib sheets are a prefect fit. They are durable and made with quality materials. We have wash these sheets over and over again. The quality remains the same. I will always purchase from this company.

LaDonna Mahaffey


Angela Boyd
Children's Dominion Daycare, LLC Director

We love our Ground Level Inc. Cot Sheets